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Arabica Café Shout

Lauren Simpson Jul 9, 2021 3:42:46 PM

RIPA Expenses teamed up with Arabica Café, the mecca of central Wellington business, on June 11 to bring complimentary vouchers to their customers in the capital. 


This event was the last before RIP Expenses rebrand to RIPA – making the event truly special, partnering with one of Wellington’s most popular cafes. 


Both Arabica and RIPA realise the value in going above and beyond for their customers – the vouchers being a small piece of gratitude for those regularly supporting local.


The Arabica Shout saw the first 100 people through the door get a complimentary $10 voucher to spend at the cafe.


“We weren’t expecting that many as it was a Friday during work hours, but it turned out really great,” says Varun Jaggi, Arabica Café Owner. 


“It actually got a bit crazy at one point and we definitely noticed a few new faces.


"I enjoyed it, it was really nice,” says Jaggi. 


The event attracted both new and familiar faces, many of who mentioned to the RIPA team that they’ll be making Arabica one of their go-tos from there on out.


‘Great coffee, great people, great place’, was the overarching feedback we got from customers on the day,” says Craig Knox of RIPA Global.


“It was a win-win for everyone,” he says.


Arabica Café has been the hub for corporate business since it established in 1998, pouring good coffee, alongside some of the friendliest service in the city.


They partnered with RIPA Expenses to add additional value to their customers' experience. 


“People come, scan it and they're done. They don’t need to worry about anything else because they don’t need to keep track of physical receipts,” says Jaggi. 


“It changes our customers' workflows – when they come in they don’t have to worry about expensing because it’s done at the point of sale, so they can focus on the productivity of their own business,” says Jaggi. 


The software is free for merchants and only enhances the customer experience, says Mel Gollan, Founder and CEO of RIPA Global.


“It is a pleasure to work with our merchant partners to provide our mutual clients with not only the best expensing experience possible, but to also help them grow their business and reduce their costs,” says Gollan.


“When technology is working for all the people, we know we've done our job - nothing beats doin’ nothin’.”


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