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Breaking Bread at Ronald McDonald House

Lauren Simpson Jul 26, 2021 4:46:24 PM
Some of the RIPA Global team

Sharing food is part of the human story.


It connects. It comforts. It commemorates.


It is also the love language at RIPA Global.


We believe that sharing a meal is one of the best ways to connect – often having our own meetings over kai (food) that our CEO Mel has made.


So, the opportunity to bake for the families at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) in Wellington couldn't have been more fitting.



The RMHC is a charity that supports families who have a child in a hospital away from home. It is a foundation for those families, a place they can be cared for while they care for their child.


They give families a home away from home right next to the hospital, alongside providing freshly baked food and dinners.

Last week, our team spent a day baking those fresh treats in the kitchen at the Ronald McDonald house – whipping up everything from cookies, cakes and vegan brownies, to scones and sausage rolls.



The opportunity was even closer to our hearts, as one of our team members family was, and is still, staying at the Ronald McDonald House.


Getting to serve the incredibly resilient families and the staff at RMHC was not only beyond fulfilling – especially when you know the people it will be impacting the most – but in retrospect, it also ended up being an impactful way for team bonding.


We laughed, we learned new things and we felt the aroha the charity brings to kiwi families every day.

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