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Contactless Connectivity Reaches New Levels

Lauren Simpson Nov 2, 2021 4:37:15 PM

Contactless technology has been on the up in recent years, continually marking new milestones of what it enables individuals and businesses to do. However, what started with the appeal for quicker payments now has another facet of desire – the added level of safety it brings users in a pandemic.


While it may have become somewhat of a buzzword, and might just scrape past ‘unprecedented’ and ‘bubble’ for the most used word of 2021 – it’s all for good reason.


Contactless connectivity now goes far beyond what it used to mean, empowering people around the world to safely connect in a time when many feel threatened. The meaningful, in-person connections that contactless technology enables, leaves retailers able to cultivate an environment where they can open while keeping their staff and customers healthy.


From signing into a restaurant or paying for a meal – you name it; it’s contactless. But what this ‘new normal’ often forgets about is the humble receipt, and that’s what RIPA Global, is out to change. 


“We know how tough this year has been, and we want to help where we can,” says Mel Gollan, RIPA Global Founder and CEO. 


Having worked in the hospitality industry for eight years, Mel knows that customers are at the heart of business but also grasps the challenges of the sector. Meaning questions like ‘how does this help my customer?’ need to be followed with, ‘how does this help my business?’


“The world is embracing contactless payments now more than ever due to our current climate,” says Mel. “Our contactless receipt and expense technology is free for merchants and only enhances that experience. 


“Not only is it important for the health and safety of merchants and their customers, but it is a big step forward in reducing the carbon footprint the trillions of carcinogenic, PBA enriched bits of paper leave behind.” 


RIPA Expenses is the only solution of its kind, integrating directly into existing POS systems so neither the customers nor the merchants need to handle or print a receipt ever again.

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