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Merchant Monday: Lobster and Tap

Lauren Simpson Jul 13, 2021 4:24:34 PM
Lobster and Tap

The name speaks for itself. Lobster and Tap keeps it simple, specialising in all things lobster and tap beer. But while the menu might be simple, the flavour certainly is not. From tangy lemon to spicy chilli, the premium lobsters are packed with a punch.


The seaside eatery is another one of RIP Expenses’ merchants based in Wynyard Quarter, making it easy for people to get their kai without a side of paper receipts.


We spoke to Venue Manager Pam, about the coolest little lobster shop on the block.


Can you tell me a little bit about Lobster and Tap?

So we’ve been open for about a year now. As the name suggested, we specialise in premium lobster which we source from Canada – they are so tender and delicious. 


We have two rolls - the classic lobster roll and the hot buttered lobster roll. The classic roll has fresh, chilled lobster in a warmed bun. It includes New England Mayo, herbs and spices. On the other hand, our hot buttered roll has warmed lobster with butter, lemon and chives in a warmed bun. 

We serve the rolls by themselves but we find that most people love the combo. With the combo, people choose their preferred roll, then pick either hot chips or crisps, and each combo comes with coleslaw and pickles. If they need something to wash it down with then they can add on a tap beer to the combo!

If our customers are looking for something different, we also serve crispy oyster po boys, with spicy sauce on the top, and pickled jalapeños. 


Are those Lobster and Tap’s specialities?

They sure are. However, we also have a few lighter options. We serve a lobster salad with spicy lemon dressing, lettuce and avocado, it’s very fresh. We’ve also just introduced a brand new dish – lobster mac and cheese! Oh dear, the kids love it! Absolutely love it. 

On the weekend we do lobster nachos, with chilli, fresh avocado and sweet chilli sauce. Pair it with a beer. Boom. You’re sorted. It’s just a weekend deal. It’s not even on our menu!


Were there any challenges because of the pandemic?

For two or three weeks we couldn’t source our lobster because of how things were going over in Canada, but it has been totally all good since then! 


So it’s been quite busy?

Oh, big time. It’s always busy. We actually have had some of our customers asking us to become a franchise so we can be in more locations haha, but we love calling Auckland Fish Market home. 


What’s it like being based in the Auckland Fish market?

We love it. People often want to go out for a sit down meal, and then are faced with choosing a cuisine. “Are we going to go for Italian food? Or for Korean food?” But here, we have a range of cuisines, and you aren’t limited to just one. Meaning that if you have a few people wanting different cuisines, you can come together here and don’t have to order the same thing. Everyone’s happy. 

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