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New Zealand Ride-Share Company Expanding It's Reach

Lauren Simpson Nov 4, 2020 3:37:00 PM

Our local partner Zoomy have added an extra 500 cars to their Wellington pool. The New Zealand owned ride-share company partnered with Wellington Combined Taxis – Wellington’s most sizeable taxi company – to get the extra vehicles and professional drivers on the road.

This change means that locals will have better access to the affordable rates that the company is renowned for providing.

We are privileged to be backing Zoomy and foster a circular economy – where our money goes back into our country, which has been more important than ever this year. Doing so helps our neighbours, friends and whanau through the tough times.

That’s one of the many reasons we are backing Zoomy. They provide fairer wages for their drivers, alongside a huge range of benefits at partnered companies. So, you know when you order a ride through them, you are supporting a company that treats its employees well.

Having the New Zealand Government on board with us at RIP Expenses means that our tax-payer money is also going towards supporting Kiwi businesses, rather than being sent to big overseas suppliers and corporations.

Zoomy is RIP Expenses enabled, which means you can support local and expense it all in one action. Simply create an expense in the RIP application and click ‘ride with Zoomy’ – just book your ride and it’s done.

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