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An open letter to Citi CEO Jane Fraser

Lauren Simpson Mar 4, 2021 6:23:58 PM

It is great to see Citi leading the way in fulfilling the Paris Agreement and strengthening our global response to the threat of climate change and temperature rise.

A global company, such as Citi, committing to make good on that agreement goes beyond leading the way for others, it fundamentally enables them to do their own part in reversing our climate crisis.

Being the first major US bank to stand behind ‘Principles for Responsible Banking’ is only a testament to that.

Contactless payments are now more important than ever and we believe contactless receipts go hand-in-hand with that. 

Each year, in the US alone:

  • 3 million trees are cut down

  • 9 billion gallons of water is used

  • 302 million pounds of physical waste is produced

  • 4 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions are released

Not to mention the BPA and BPS found in 93% of thermal receipts.

Receipt production has the equivalent carbon output as having 400,000 cars on the road annually, and global companies are the ones who can make sizable steps towards change. 

US-based CVS Health saved 48 million yards of receipt paper from being created when they adopted digital receipts. 

At RIP Global we know that the price of a receipt is more than the total printed on it, but we also know that they are crucial for businesses. 

For this reason, we engineered a unique solution that protects our earth, our economies and our people. 

RIP Expenses is unparalleled in that we can provide our customers with their receipts directly from the point of sale software using QR code technology. 

With the world in need of contactless receipts now more than ever, we are proud to say we can provide that. The next step for us interlaces both payments and receipt data into one swift, contactless motion. 

We are excited to be working alongside Citi, enabling our customers to utilise this contactless solution in New Zealand and amongst the wider APAC region. 

Solutions like this are making waves in providing businesses with tools that help them operate more efficiently while keeping sustainability at the core of it. Contactless solutions also create safer environments for our people in these trying times.

This is especially important for our Government clients who are not only trying to look after the health and wellbeing of their people but also looking to better enhance the economic opportunities that are available for everyone.

It’s the most natural fit that a bank with such a focus on helping the earth thrive through sustainable leadership, is joining us on this journey.

Nga mihi

The RIP Global team

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