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Merchant Monday: Bite into a slice of France

Lauren Simpson May 10, 2021 6:10:21 PM

In amongst the busyness of Britomart, you can find a little slice of France nestled away. With locals parked up outside sipping on steaming coffee and biting into pastries that melt in your mouth – it’s the perfect place to take a break and join in the sport of people watching. 

If you’ve already been whisked away into the work week, why not bring it to the table and have your meeting over some moreish treats.


The team will welcome you in with friendly smiles across their faces and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for you. We spoke to Emanuel of La Petite, who answered a few “get-to-know-you” questions.


Can you tell us a little bit about La Petite?

La Petite Fourchette is a french pâtisserie – so we pretty much specialise in typical french pâtisseries like croissants, pain au chocolate, cakes and tarts as well as offering brunch which takes on a kiwi fusion. Classics including eggs benedict, and french toast & bacon, so people can have their typical brunch and pair it with a french cake. We also have a restaurant at St Heliers, that serves proper dinner dishes. 

What makes La Petite Fourchette unique?

I would say this is the only authentic french pâtisserie in Britomart, if not the city. This is pretty much one of the only ones you will find. You can indulge in real french cakes, tarts, croque monsieurs and more. You’re spoilt for choice, it’s pretty amazing.

What would be your top three recommendations? 

We have classic french sandwiches – which are made from proper, imported french baguettes – those are really good. The eggs bene is also very tasty. Otherwise, our full selection of cakes and tarts are all amazing. So depending on what you prefer, I would recommend those three options. 

What’s your team like?

It’s a very international team – we have a Chinese chef, a British chef, two of our girls are from France, I myself am Columbian, and we have another colleague from Argentina. So we have a very diverse, friendly team. 

What is the most popular dish?

Our quiche! We have a range of different flavours, from vegetarian to the Lorraine ham or salmon. They are all popular choices and all very delicious. 

How long has La Petite been open? 

Before La Petite, we were actually called L’Assiette. It was an entirely different place and menu, but still run by our same owners. That opened in 2011, but in 2019 we transformed into La Petite Fourchette. So it has been about two years since we became La Petite.

How long have you been working here?

I started working last December, so it’s been a few months now. I love it. 

What’s it like during the week?

We have our regular customers from offices right across Britomart. Since they come here every day, we have become friends with most of them. In comparison, our weekend customers are a more varied selection of people.

What attracts your regulars?

It’s that loyalty that we build with the customers. If you are friendly, make good coffee, and serve delicious food then they will come back. It helps that we are friends with our customers – we know them by name and have good relationships with them. 

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