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Merchant Monday: How it works

Lauren Simpson Apr 19, 2021 6:45:04 PM

Each Monday, we shine a light on one of our merchants. From the moody cocktail bar with draping velvet curtains and low-hanging lamps, to the lively eatery serving up healthy food to the endless flow of corporates. We delve into everything that sits below the surface. Their foundation, their cuisine, their team – and how those components all work together to create the experience they serve up.

While we love finding out what makes our merchants tick, this week we thought we should share with you, how our merchants help us tick! They play an integral role in the receipt free revolution – here’s how it works!

What are merchants?

Merchants are the RIP-enabled stores that help us provide you with paperless receipts. It could be the coffee shop next to your office – just lookout for a RIP scanner, or ask! 

How do you find merchants?

Our app includes an interactive map of all of our merchants. So, not only can you see where RIP merchants are, but you can find exclusive deals when you click on their icon on the map. 

How does it work for merchants?

The world is embracing contactless payments now more than ever due to our current climate. Our contactless receipts and expense technology is free for merchants and only enhances that experience. 

RIP scanners integrate directly with merchants POS (point of sale) software – simply plug it into the till and it is good to go. Being RIP enabled means our merchants can bask in shorter transaction times, no customers asking for reprints and less time spent replacing rolls of receipt paper. 

How does it work for customers?

All a customer has to do is scan their QR code, pay and walk away. Their receipt is automatically available in the RIP Expenses app - simple and stress-free. 

In techie terms, you scan your dynamic QR code via our mobile app to capture line-by-line receipt data. This receipt data is permanently stored in your RIP app, and every 20 minutes it automatically transmits into your accounting software - if you have one connected.

As the receipt data is pulled from the till – it’s 100% compliant. No more fraud. No more duplicate receipts. No more worry. 

Why paperless receipts in merchants?

Having worked in the hospitality industry for eight years, our Founder Mel Gollan knows that customers are at the heart of business but also grasps just how tough the sector is. Meaning questions like ‘how does this help my customer?’ need to be followed with, ‘how does this help my business?’

“Being a contactless solution – not only is it great for the health and safety of merchants and their customers, but it is also a massive leap forward in reducing the carbon footprint the trillions of carcinogenic, PBA enriched bits of paper create,” she says.

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