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Merchant Monday: Waterfront eatery serving up something for all

Lauren Simpson May 3, 2021 3:50:26 PM

Perched up not far from the water is Market Gallery – an Auckland eatery that serves up the old favourites while creating the new classics. Settled in Wynyard Quarter’s Auckland Fish Market, the restaurant specialises in fish and chips but it doesn’t stop there. From grilled snapper fillets and salmon on couscous to a classic beer-battered fish or hearty burger, they take the phrase the world is your oyster and serve it up on a plate.

We had a chat with Pam, Venue Manager, who gave us the inside scoop on Market Gallery!


Can you tell me a bit about Market Gallery?

The essence of Market Gallery is fish and chips, and we offer a variety of unique dishes created from that. As we are located in the Auckland Fish Market, we get the fish of the day fresh from the source here, which means we can offer our customers something different every day, at the highest quality.

The classics we offer include beer-battered fish, crumbed herb fish, whole snapper and a whole range of burgers including beef and prawn. 

What would your top three recommendations be?

It would have to be the crumbed snapper and chips, loads of people opt for that dish. The pan-fried fish of the day is also a great choice, it’s always changing and we serve it with a delicious, fresh greek salad. We also have the crispy snapper fillet, served with tomato and plum salad – it is absolutely beautiful and it’s great for people who prefer a healthier choice. 

Some people love classic fish and chips, while others are looking for something lighter. We have options for everybody. 


What’s your personal favourite dish?

My favourite, today I’m going to get the crispy snapper fillet, with the tomato and plum salad, and fresh herbs. It’s also a great choice to have regularly because it’s healthy. I love fish and chips, but fish and chips every day? Too much haha! 


How long have you guys been open here?

We opened our doors around December 2018. So we have been open here for two years already, and we are well into our third. 


What has the journey been like since opening?

Oh man, it has been SO good. We have been busy from the get-go. We know what our customers want, so we make sure to keep those recipes on the menu. Whether that is bluff oysters and grilled snapper for the adults, little nippers meals for the kids or our classics for anyone and everyone. We also do a bunch of events or promotions that our customers tend to love. 


What’s the team like?

My team is great! I am so glad I have them, they are phenomenal. They work hard, they’re not shy – as in they know what they serve. That knowledge then goes on to help our customers, so they always know exactly what they are getting. 


Do you guys have any deals or events coming up?

We always have new deals or events popping up! We have ‘BBQ weekends’ on at the moment, where you can enjoy grilled garlic prawns that aren’t on our everyday menu. We are also designing a deal at the moment with the bar, which is a little lunchtime promotion where people can get fish and chips with a beer, but we are still planning what that will look like.

It’ll be perfect because the bar is right across from us, with an abundance of seats in between, under the sunroof. Just think about it – you have a live band here, face-painting over there. It’s an amazing venue where adults can relax and kids can go enjoy the activities we put on. 


Do heaps of people come to the events?

Yeah, they are a hit! In terms of our family events, there are not many places in the city that cater to families. Here we have plenty of activities to occupy the kids, and we are lucky that we are so close to Silo Park.

We also have huge screens which live stream the rugby, and it gets packed.


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