We talk RIPA Expenses at the SelectUSA Investment Summit

Guest User Jun 20, 2019 7:50:00 AM

CEO & Founder Mel Gollan will be joining the US Ambassador to New Zealand at the SelectUSA Summit in Washington DC this June.

Mel will be working with RIP Global Head of Country USA Mindy Augustine and has been invited to present RIP’s automation solution to several states and potential payment partners.

“RIP Global has extensive IP granted in the US market and after significant interest from product trials in New Zealand, we have been pulled pretty quickly into this market.  

‘We are looking for a payment partner and the opportunities available to us from several different States in the USA.  The product will save the New Zealand Government over $200m per year and eliminate fraud, the numbers are massive applied to the USA. 

‘No Government wants to waste tax payers money and fraud is not acceptable. We have a product that will make an impact and we’re excited to get our US friends on board.”



For further comment or other information please contact:

Rachel Hogan, RIP Global Relationship Manager
P: 0800 747 366 / E: rachel@ripglobal.com

About RIP Global
RIP Global is the world’s first fully automated compliance expensing solution. The proprietary systems mean digital receipts contain relevant code and justification data, providing a complete accounting data set for finance teams. The need for long manual processes simply disappears. Fraud and human error are eliminated, and processing cost is reduced to a negligible amount.




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