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Five Reasons to Implement a Contactless Expense Solution

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We talk RIPA Expenses at the SelectUSA Investment Summit

CEO & Founder Mel Gollan will be joining the US Ambassador to New Zealand at the SelectUSA Summit in Washington DC this June. Mel will be working with RIP Global Head of Country..

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RIPA Global are stoked to partner with NZBN

Who else gets frustrated when you ring somewhere for customer support and have to ID yourself, but then you’re transferred and have to do it all over again? Consider for a moment,..

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Kiwi Founder selected to present Springboard Enterprises USA

Our Founder & CEO has been selected by Springboard USA to represent them at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) summit in Singapore July 2019. Springboard Enterprises is..

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The power of IP and Patents

Have you considered your IP and Patent strategy for the launch of your product? Some innovations do require heavy investment to build and launch, and having a clear path to take..

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Kiwi FinTech Founder named the Emerging Entrepreneur in Asia

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