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Wellington FinTech Firm Bounding Back into Singapore with Trade Envoy

RIPA Apr 11, 2022 2:00:00 PM

A Wellington-based, Māori-owned Fintech company has again set its sights on Singapore.


RIPA Global CEO Mel Gollan is packing her bags, bound to return to Singapore on April 18 2022, in a Trade Envoy with the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Government officials.


The company, providing an automation platform for bi-directional data and payments, is thrilled to be heading to Asia after over a year of Covid confinement to New Zealand.


The Trade Envoy will focus on digital disruption and sustainability, with a host of officials and business leaders from New Zealand and Singapore attending to participate in discussions.


Both topics are the driving force behind RIPA Global – the world’s first fully automated, end-to-end procurement and disbursement payment solution.


The unique proprietary solution was designed by Gollan after years of purchase compliance experience.


”Compliance tasks take so long and the costs are eye-watering for enterprise and government organisations,” says Gollan. 


“We have designed, built and deployed our platform in New Zealand, which delivers a frictionless and paperless experience for users.


“It’s a connected ecosystem that gives comfort to our customers knowing they have 100% visibility and control over their spending.”


The solution is scalable and available in multiple languages, currencies and tax rates.


RIPA has already made a significant commitment to Singapore as its ASEAN headquarters, with an entity established in early 2021 and the retention of personnel.  


“Singapore supports disruptive transformation and leads the world in embracing new technologies that elevate business performance and people,” says Gollan. 


Gollan, having recently been announced as the Emerging Entrepreneur in Asia by the Women Icons Network, will be relocating there later this year to drive the Asian market personally.


“We were set to open our first international office in Singapore and launch last year, but like many globally focused businesses had to retrench due to covid,” she says.


“I am beyond delighted to be heading back to finish what we started, the full automation of spending compliance and paper elimination for business and government.”


RIPA is supported by NZTE in several countries. The significant rollout strategy set for 2022 across New Zealand will be repeated for customers and partners in Singapore.


“The team at RIPA are committed to a globalisation strategy which will significantly aid in the economic recovery of our country post-Covid,” says Gollan.


“The fact that we also make a meaningful and immediate reduction in carbon emissions really showcases the power and impact of purposely designed technology.  


“By using deep domain experience as the guide for true process automation, we have an elegant solution which serves the entire ecosystem and the planet.”

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