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RIPA's Founder

One part executive, one part entrepreneur.


Mel Gollan

Founder & CEO

Mel’s passion lies in innovating to defy all odds; designing technology that transforms businesses. A descendant of a New Zealand Maori Chief, she’s a natural self-starter and born leader, who believes in the combined power of discipline and hard work. Through her vision and sharp business acumen, she developed a simple solution to an extraordinary problem.

Nothin' Beats an Understanding Team

RIPA Global is all about digging deep into understanding what customers need. The brand promise says it all—nothing beats doin’ nothin’. With an HQ in windy Wellington, New Zealand, and offices across Asia and North America, RIPA Global is passionate about building the most user-friendly expense management system and transforming businesses across the globe.


Jesse Whitham



Richard Burge


Sara Paz CMO

Sara Paz



Mindy Augustine

USA Country Head

Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth


Bob Stone

Bob Stone

Digital Transformation Advisor

Leave the Business of Running a Business to RIPA Global


What makes RIPA Expenses different from every other solution in the world is that the app integrates directly into point-of-sale systems, so the receipts don’t even get printed. The patented system supports coding, justification and payment at the source. Expenses are submitted immediately after making a purchase, and it’s 100% compliance, every step of the way! 

The woman with the vision behind RIPA Global, Mel Gollan, has a real passion for developing solutions that get things done better, faster, and smarter. After years working on the front lines of expense and merchant management Mel developed a truly unique product to fully automate receipt and invoice processing.


Mel was no stranger to the frustration that every receipt collector goes through trying to manage their expenses. As a Sales & Marketing expert, her role was to grow customers and sales, not process endless receipts. After 10 years, she’d had enough! She states her case eloquently, “I never wanted to see or touch another receipt or expense report again, so I reverse engineered the whole process and designed a brand new solution. I wanted to deliver the key components of excellence, with 100% spend transaction-transparency and compliance, fully automated from end-to-end so I never had to do it or think about it again.”