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ESG ethical payment solutions


RIPA Expenses streamlines expense compliance with a best-in-class user experience one touch design – pay & walk away! With full automation and 100% compliance, our patented system seamlessly connects procurement compliance data to your accounting solution. This cloud based technology is available globally.

Disbursement Payments

RIPA Disbursements builds closed-loop secure networks to ensure financial support is deployed instantly anywhere in the world. Our patented process gives 100% spend control and reduces the risks of identification, delayed access, unapproved spending, and access to support. This technology is designed with empathy to deliver the ESG values of the United Nations – equitable access to all, for the elevation of humanity and protection of our earth.

Procurement Payments Exciting updates coming later this year!

We’re thrilled to share that we’re hard at work on an innovative procurement product that promises to revolutionise the way you manage your supply chain. Our dedicated team is putting their expertise to the test, crafting a solution prioritising efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. This upcoming procurement product aims to streamline your procurement processes, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

Exciting updates coming later this year! Our game-changing procurement tool is about to reshape your strategies. Stay tuned to discover the benefits of this cutting-edge addition!

When choosing a RIPA solution, you acquire a customisable and tailored product

A customisable solution can be adjusted and configured to align with the unique requirements of your business. This ensures that the solution directly addresses your challenges and supports your specific processes.

When choosing a RIPA solution, you gain visibility and control over your expenditure

Empower your business with our advanced solutions, offering unparalleled visibility and control to streamline operations, strategically manage costs and scale confidently, ensuring your team has a strategic ally for success in achieving more.

When choosing a RIPA solution, you reduce fraud in your business

Protect your business against fraud with our advanced solutions, where control and visibility converge with precision-crafted spend rules. Unlock a fortified defence that addresses fraud challenges head-on and supports your distinctive processes.

What our users are saying

It’s incredible how much time we save at month-end now, not having to chase employees up and go ‘please, reconcile your visa statement, here are all your transactions attached’ If you set a precedent then they can do them on the go, as they are out and about. There’s also the cost factor – it was much better cost for us because we are a not-for-profit. We can’t afford the huge fees that some people might be looking at.”

— Christine Robertson

RIPA Expenses is brilliant! This is the first expense solution I have used and it has been amazing. No more keeping receipts! Highly recommended.”

— Larry Lepper

The RIPA Expenses app is revolutionary... It makes my life so much easier! Instead of taking all my receipts and collecting them in envelopes for different months, I just take a photo of the receipts at the counter and walk away. Don’t even need to touch it. So many less requests from my accountant too, as he also sees all my receipts through RIPA.”

— Steve Garcia

RIPA Expenses provides a new level of service. Making it available to our customers at Logan Brown and Grill Meats Beer was a no-brainer.”

— Steve Logan

We are looking forward to working together with the RIPA Global team to support businesses. Managing expenses and receipts can be a tedious and time-consuming tasks. The integration of RIPA Expenses and MYOB improves this process for many businesses.”

— Ingrid Cronin-Knight