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Nothing Beats Doin' Nothin'

By eliminating tedious tasks, RIPA Global helps businesses save time, increase operational efficiency and ultimately, dedicate their resources to what really matters: driving revenue and increasing profitability.


100% Automation, Zero Paper Receipts.

Shopping at any RIPA Expenses store partner is easy and hassle-free. During payment, simply scan the QR code with the RIPA Expenses app. Shopping online or at a non-RIPA enabled store? No problem, just upload a photo of the receipt or invoice to the app and let RIPA Expenses do the rest.

Better Processes, 100% Compliance.

Offering a fully automated expense management solution that captures and processes receipts and invoices, RIPA Global keeps businesses fully compliant every step of the way, provides full visibility across expenses and brings about better insights for internal discussions. Tax time now requires nothing more than a sigh of relief. 

The Smartest Thing to Do is Nothin’

The unique RIPA Expenses app (yes, it's patented!) frees up time, brainpower and energy to focus on creating business value. Ditch the boring admin, RIPA Global’s got everything covered.


Take the Pain out of Expensing

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Eco-friendly and User-friendly

Eliminate the need for a paper receipt at the point-of-sale. Simply scan QR code to pay, and go!

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Zero Room for Errors

Get full transparency across transaction spend and audits. Stop stressing at tax time – relax with 100% compliance.

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Create Value that Matters

Spend less time juggling receipts and more time on work that promotes business growth.

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Better processes – No Headaches

Reduce admin hassles across the board. With 100% automation, tracking expenses has never been so simple.

What People Are Saying

Don’t just listen to us about why you should use RIPA Expenses. Here’s what our fans have to say:



"It’s incredible how much time we save at month-end now, not having to chase employees up and go, ‘please, reconcile your visa statement, here are all your transactions attached.’ If you set the precedent then they can do them on the go, as they are out and about. There’s also the cost factor – it was a much better cost for us because we are a not-for-profit, we can’t afford the huge fees that some people might be looking at."

Christine Robertson
Master Plumbers


"RIPA Expenses is brilliant! This is the first expense solution I have used and it has been amazing. No more keeping receipts!! Highly recommend."

Larry Lepper
Managing Director | Wellington


"The RIPA Expenses app is revolutionary — it makes my life so much easier! Instead of taking all my receipts and collecting them in envelopes for different months, I just take a photo of the receipt at the counter and walk away. Don’t even need to touch it. So many less requests from my accountant too as he also sees all my receipts through RIPA."

Steve Garcia
Real Estate Salesperson | Wellington


"RIPA Expenses provides a new level of service. Making it available to our customers at Logan Brown and Grill Meats Beer was a no-brainer."

Steve Logan
Restaurateur | Wellington


"We are looking forward to working together with the RIPA Global team to support businesses. Managing expenses and receipts can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The integration of RIPA Expenses and MYOB will improve this process for many businesses."

Ingrid Cronin-Knight
MYOB Country Manager