Disbursement payments

RIPA Disbursements builds closed-loop secure networks to ensure financial support is deployed instantly anywhere in the world. Our patented process gives 100% spend control and reduces the risks of identification, delayed access, unapproved spending, and access to support. This technology is designed with empathy to deliver the ESG values of the United Nations – equitable access to all, for the elevation of humanity and protection of our earth.
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100% Cloud-based

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For our clients

RIPA can fully integrate with existing systems, ensuring the complete disbursement process is as seamless, safe and immediate as possible. Our cloud-based, patented process delivers equitable access to healthcare, information and financial support using mobile digital technology and can be deployed anywhere around the world. Governments, NGO's, charities, deployed personnel, emergency response and refugee support – supporting the goals of the United Nations to elevate humanity and protect our earth.

Dashboard reporting gives full visibility of all spend and allowances, and alerts can be set to show outlying or attempted prohibited purchases.

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