RIPA Expenses streamlines expense compliance with a best-in-class user experience one touch design – pay & walk away! With full automation and 100% compliance, our patented system seamlessly connects procurement compliance data to your accounting solution. This cloud based technology is available globally.

100% Cloud-based

RIPA Expenses plugs into accounting and ERP systems with ease. It captures expense data and populates it into your software automatically. All receipts and invoices are also permanently stored in the RIPA cloud for ongoing compliance.

100% Control

Managers have the control to process receipts in seconds. Financial teams get full transparency across the agency. Our patented process ensures receipt data is captured automatically and accurately.

100% Transparent

Empower employees with increased visibility across expenses and greater insights for internal discussions. Capture real-time, 100% compliant receipts for full transparency and reporting.

For government or SME/B

Empathetic suppliers and partners who understand business and user challenges have designed and built solutions to support the move to a digital, cloud-based future.

A fully automated, cloud-based, end-to-end expensing solution – RIPA Expenses captures expenses directly from the source to simplify processes while reducing errors and fraud risk. Enjoy full visibility over expenses, 100% tax compliance and seamless integration with any accounting solution.

Take the pain out of expensing and grab hold of what really matters in public sector work – delivering to the people.

For the back office

Chasing lost receipts. Writing expense reports. Dreading the end-of-month. No one mentions this tiresome side of owning a business! But what if there is another way?

With our fully automated end-to-end expensing solution, we take care of all the details, from point of purchase to expense reports. Eliminate processing paperwork and the risk of non-compliance, while freeing up resources to focus on creating value.

Expense without hassle

RIPA Expenses saves hours of stress, time and money - and that’s not limited to expenses. Onboarding has never been easier with full support, from set-up to team demos.

Find receipts instantly

RIPA Expenses has a filtering function that displays receipts instantly based on requirements. Filter them down to the employee, date, description and more.


Integration partners

By building a strong ecosystem of partners with amazing products and solutions, RIPA Global continues to create additional value for businesses. RIPA Global has end-to-end integration partners, from point-of-sale software to financial services.
RIPA integrates directly into financial systems to automatically reconcile real-time expense data and populate it into the users accounting system.
Xero logo

Xero is world-leading accounting software. Scan, pay and go, knowing all expenses are automatically captured in Xero.

How RIPA Expenses and Xero integrate

Two-way data syncing between RIPA Expenses and Xero makes managing your expenses easy. We pull your contacts, expense accounts and card accounts from Xero and use this information to help account for your expenses in Xero in an easily understood format. Your expensing and invoicing is always up to date, giving you a real-time view of your expenses, receipts, approvals and reimbursements.

It’s simple and effortless, allowing you, and your teams, to always be in control of your expenses data.

MYOB logo

Global MYOB accounting software helps make business life easier, building tools that help business owners be more productive.

How RIPA Expenses and MYOB integrate

RIPA and MYOB integration diagram
QuickBooks logo

RIPA also integrates with QuickBooks

QuickBooks lets you customise invoices, run reports and more – integrating with RIPA for enhanced results and less effort. Two-way data syncing makes sure that your expensing and invoicing is always up to date, giving you a real-time view of your expenses, receipts, approvals and reimbursements.

100% tax compliant

Customise rules for employee transactions

Get full transparency on employee expenditure

Approve expenses efficiently

Save time – time is money

Customise Automatic expense reconciliation

Get 100% compliant receipts for full transparency and reporting

Better insights into employee expenditure

Spend less time searching for receipts

Customise Spend less time stressing over tax time or end-of-month

Get Spend less money on bookkeepers and accountants