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What RIPA's Doin'

When Businesses Thrive, Everyone Thrives.

Together, we are stronger. Our whakapapa, whanau and wider communities helped RIPA Global get here, and now it’s our turn to give back.

Wahine Toa

Wahine Toa is an annual event for empowering young women, especially Maori women, to join the stem industry. This event and alumni network breaks down barriers young wahine face in the male-dominated industry.

Each Iwi from Aotearoa nominates a young girl to attend the immersive weekend in Wellington, a day and a half, open to young women in Wellington.


Hear it from Mel

“Being of Maori descent and the first woman in my family to have soft hands is humbling. Each generation wants to do better for the next – my ancestors did their job, now it's my turn to do mine.

Young women are not engaging in tech at the same rates as men – for a number of reasons. They may get intimidated by self-doubt, scary-sounding jobs and a lack of understanding about the industry. By sharing our knowledge, we demystify tech for women between the ages of 12 and 18 and offer pathways to gain access to those jobs. Women are amazing fixers by nature and technology is all about fixing problems. Perfect match!”

Women's CEO Event

This is a market day when wahine (female) CEOs showcase their products! This networking event offers them the opportunity to share their products and solutions with fellow business owners.

Held in the Wellington Design Library – another female-led business – this event is a perfect occasion for networking and building a sisterhood.


Hear it From Mel

“The networking event for female CEOs is important to me to actively show my support for other women doing amazing things and to offer a lift up where I can.  Networking is about growing your knowledge base and support network—and I am personally committed to doing what I can for women in business.

Being an Alumni of Springboard which showcases women, has the power to elevate when they pull together to generate successful outcomes for us all.”

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