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RIPA equips humanity with a simple solution to an extraordinary problem. A solution that provides full transparency across expenditure and gives employees the time to do work that matters.

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Contactless Receipts via QR Code

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100% Control and Compliance

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Eliminate Fraud

Take Care of Key Stakeholders – Mother Earth Included

Discover the opportunities that come with saving Mother Earth, one paper receipt at a time. It’s a simple solution that provides 100% automation, 100% compliance and 100% expenditure transparency.

A fully automated, end-to-end expensing solution, RIPA Global takes care of all the details, from point of sale to expense reports and software integrations. Eliminate fraud and processing paperwork, and free up resources to focus on creating value.

Nothing Beats Doin' Nothin'


100% Automated

With RIPA Expenses’ automated solution, receipts go through fewer hands in less time. Complete expense data is collected directly from the point-of-sale and automatically processed into accounting systems. Hours of work done in minutes, for a fraction of the cost.

100% Compliant

By offering a fully automated expense management solution, RIPA Expenses makes it easy and simple for employees to stay compliant with policies. Capture real-time, 100% compliant receipts for full visibility and reporting. 


100% Transparent

Be business ready with increased visibility across expenses and greater insights for internal discussions. With real-time receipts, businesses can review spending and avoid any unwanted surprises that may cause a budget overrun.

100% Efficient

Minimise the time spent on expense processing, which when manually done, can cost over USD$100 per receipt. RIPA Expenses’ automated process gives users the flexibility to submit receipts in real-time, managers the control to process receipts in seconds, and financial teams full transparency across the business.

  • 100% tax compliant
  • Customise rules for employee transactions
  • Get full transparency on employee expenditure
  • Approve expenses efficiently with automated workflows
  • Instant Expensing
  • Easy-to-use mobile interface
  • Receive automated expense reports at the point-of-sale
  • Match expenses and credit card transactions intuitively

Ideal for Businesses of All Sizes

Features Basic Premium Enterprise
Accounting Software Integrations
Foreign Currency Capability
Full Approval Workflow
Granular Reporting
Multi-Tenancy Sign-In
Ride a Zoomy and Expense with RIPA
Scan at Point-of-Sale
Tax Compliance
Unlimited Receipt Scans and Uploads
Email expenses to account
Fraud detection
Team/group hierarchy
Credit card Reconciliation
Invoice Processing
Dedicated Account Manager

Nothing Beats Doin' Nothin'

  • Save time at work – time is money
  • Instant in-app expense reconciliation
  • 100% compliant receipts for full transparency and reporting
  • Better insights into employee expenditure

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Take back time and focus on what really matters.

No More Receipts