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For Merchants

RIPA Expenses is the first, fully paperless, automated expenses solution for individuals and businesses. Forget paper receipts, RIPA Expenses tracks customers’ receipts directly on their phone.

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Free for Merchants

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No Paper Receipts

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Drive Traffic

100% Automation, The Way of Life.

RIPA Expenses is the first fully paperless, automated expenses solution, designed for individual users and businesses. Forget about paper receipts, RIPA Expenses allows customers to manage their receipts on their phones.


How does it work?

During payment, the customer just scans the RIPA QR code, pays and walks away. The RIPA scanners integrate directly with POS software to capture line-by-line receipt data and send it to customer’s accounting systems, via the RIPA Expenses app. The receipt is then automatically available on the RIPA Expenses app. It’s that simple and stress-free. 

What’s in it for the merchant? No more printing receipts so merchants save on ink cartridges. Faster point-of-sale transactions translate to shorter waiting time in the queue. Most importantly, when customers feel relaxed, merchants feel relaxed too.

Ideal for Merchants

  • FREE, simple and seamless to integrate
  • Faster point-of-sale transactions
  • No more printing receipts
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Drive traffic via in-app merchant map and feature offers on the app

No More Receipts


Leave the Business of Running a Business to RIPA


"We’re excited to partner with RIPA Expenses and join them on their mission to create a receipt-free world. Soon our venues will be able to integrate with RIPA Expenses and add value to their end-customers that frequent them for business purposes."

Graeme Day
Managing Director | SwiftPOS


"RIPA Expenses provides a new level of service. Making it available to our customers at Logan Brown and Grill Meats Beer was a no-brainer."

Steve Logan
Logan Brown

Welcome, Automation. 

Merchants are core to making automation the way of life. Cafes, restaurants and stores are all welcome. Submit your details below and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some of RIPA Expenses' Merchants

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