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Excitement in the Works

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RIPA Expenses Enters APAC

Singapore businesses will soon get contactless receipts as RIPA Expenses enters the market in 2021. The fully automated solution completely eliminates the need for people to be touching paper receipts, going hand-in-hand with the rapidly growing desire for contactless payments.


A Solution that Serves Everyone at the Table

Whether you’re signing into a restaurant or paying for your meal – you name it; it’s contactless. But what this ‘new normal’ often forgets about is the humble receipt, and that’s what Mel Gollan, Founder and CEO of RIP Global, is out to change.


Māori tech disrupter RIP Global is levelling up

Māori-owned technology company, RIP Global, is hoping to take the company’s “game-changing” technology into global markets. Founder and CEO Mel Gollan has built and patented a process that automates the recording and reconciling of expenses and purchases.