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RIPA Testimonials

The Best Things in Life are Meant for Sharing

RIPA Global has elevated businesses of all sizes, from the Enterprise Mogul to the soulful small business.

Happier finance teams, less time spent on admin, and transformed organisations – these testimonials speak for themselves. 


“It’s incredible how much time we save at month-end now, not having to chase employees up and go, ‘please, reconcile your visa statement, here’s all of your transactions attached.’​​ Some people are absolutely religious about it – we’ll have the receipt through RIPA Expenses, and it hasn’t even appeared on their Visa yet.”

Christine Robertson
Company Accountant | Master Plumbers

Steve Garcia

"The RIPA Expenses app is revolutionary — it makes my life so much easier! ​Instead of taking all my receipts and collecting them in envelopes for different months, I just take a photo of the receipt at the counter and walk away. Don’t even need to touch it. I have far fewer requests from my accountant as RIPA Expenses provides full visibility across the board!"

Steve Garcia
Salesperson | Ray White


“RIPA Expenses is brilliant! This is the first expense solution I have used and it has been amazing. No more keeping receipts!! Highly recommend.”

Larry Lepper
Managing Director | Ronin Group